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Spaces in Hub Feenix

Something for everyone, and every use

This is a short description of the building that is Hub Feenix. Very short as we are talking about 15000m2.

The basic structure is a T, with the main building making up wings A and B. In the front is K and towards the back C and F. The sides are made up by D and E.

The newer buildings on the left and right side were and old health centre (left) and old peoples home (right).


Long corridors

The 60m long corridors of A and B are quite similar in the first 4 floors where the hospital was. 5th floor was administration.
But while similar on the surface, rooms sizes change among the floors and make for different opportunities. Some of those are highlighted on the event page, some we'll go through, some are left to be explored later.

Basic double (A/B)

Many rooms are what used to be double patient rooms like this. They become doubles or studios. They are mostly south-facing.


Basic quadrouple (A/B)

The basic 4 patient rooms are basically twice as big as the double. But very few have attached bathrooms. Some are used as common rooms.

Kitchens (A/B)

Most of the 8 A/B corridors have a small kitchen like this. Some will have an extra kitchenette in a staff room, and one or two have even larger ones in common areas.


Wet spaces (A/B)

Every floor has at least one wet space like the one shown. Some are even double-sized. These are separate from the shared showers that some floors have.

Practise or group room (K)

Above the entrance hall (K) are a couple of larger spaces. This one could be used for group work, dance practise.


Dance or therapy room (K)

Another medium-sized room above the entrance has a large mirror (not shown). Good for dance practice or therapy.

Large conference room (5)

The fifth floor has some large rooms, additionally to the office space.
This one is about 90m2, the second larges rooms above ground.


Small conference rooms (5)

Right next to the large rooms is this smaller conference rooms. At about 35m2, it too can be blacked out and has a screen.

Breakout rooms (5)

The conference area has a couple of rooms next to it that could be breakout rooms. The other one is a little smaller than the one shown and behind it.


Basic Office (5)

The old administration on the 5th floor is made up of about 10 offices like this.

Large rooms (5)

The fifth floor has another couple of larger rooms, about 50m2, that could be used for offices, yoga or dancing. Anything that requires open space. The other is quite similar but slightly smaller.


There are many more spaces, in the C wing, or the cellar that is waiting for someone to have a great idea of how to use them. If that is you, send us your idea.

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