Hub Feenix

Hub Feenix

Art, craft, music, yoga, dance, meditation, nature, and creatives of every kind come together under our roof, in an atmosphere of openness and learning.

About Us

Hub Feenix is a community space that fosters creativity, healing, and connection.

Hub Feenix provides opportunities for creative people to live, work, learn, create, exhibit, and perform in a healing, natural setting in the tranquil forests of south-eastern Finland.

As part of our commitment to ongoing connection and learning, Hub Feenix provides space for retreats, workshops, conferences, short and long-term residencies, and other gatherings.

The road to Feenix

Our story

The birth of a community center

We, Raisa Kaipainen and Torsten Ruger, bought the old Meltola sanatorium on an auction site, April Fools day 1.4.2020, after three days notice. Surprised (and shocked) to have won the auction, we started creating an art community centre.

The plan to have a mix of creative endeavours and wellbeing related events ebreeze quickly and we started implementing the ideas.

We created a non-profit, Osuuskunta Hub Feenix, to take over the running of the activities. And at the moment (end of 2023), we have 6 event spaces, 100 beds, local artists participating and an international artists residency started.

With lots of care and time (and paint!), the place has become what many people call homely :-)

Work continues on various projects, including the Makerspace and the garden.

Our vision

• The whole 15 000m2 building, with all its wings, will be in active use.

• Hub Feenix Cafe will be open throughout the year and serve lunch to people of the house as well as locals.

• There will be 25 artists working in our art studios permanently, 10-15 artists in residence, and 10-15 digital nomads living and working in Hub Feenix throughout the year.

• Several international events will take place here yearly: wellbeing, dance, art, sound healing, vegetarian food, etc. Also 1-3 bigger festivals, and weekend courses throughout the year.

• Hub Feenix is, and will continue to be, an active member in the Raasepori community, collaborating with the city and the local culture and services.

• We'll have permanently hired staff.

• The upstairs of our big kitchen will offer great workspaces for many small-scale vegan food producer, for products such as seitan, fermented vegetables, kombucha, cakes, vegan cheeses, artisan bread, etc.

• Our shop will be open every day and sell art, handicrafts, vegan food products made in Hub Feenix, and more.

• Our Makerspace will offer workshops and courses, providing local and international guests the opportunity to upskill and use a wide range of tools and equipment.

• 30% of our energy will come from solar power, and heating partly from geothermal heat.

Also, our own wood chip heating system will be developed forward.

• There will be about 50 people living in the area of the Hub Feenix Village permanently.

• The forests around Hub Feenix will be protected and taken care of naturally. They are open to be enjoyed by anyone who wants to refresh and exercise outdoors.

• The Hub Feenix horse stable will keep taking our guests and locals for riding treks in the forest and offer animal-assisted activities.

• An outdoor yoga deck will soon be built.

• All around Hub Feenix there will be a flowering garden with fountains and places to sit in peace to enjoy the surroundings.

Meet the Hub Feenix crew!



I am involved in the general direction of the project. And I am in charge of the interior design, cooking, organising festivals and other events. As I know a lot of people I spread the word about our project. Personally I love to DJ Ecstatic dances and parties.

As I started the project with Torsten I find it a miracle of Life that this is working and inspiring so many people. Life is wonderous and I am grateful to be part of this. Long live Hub Feenix ❣️



As general Manager i am involved in almost everything, at a general level, which is great. I enjoy the variety and can often provide an outside and/or wider perspective. Personally i like to landscape, driving the digger and loader. Also a bit of coding and automation.

Having started this with Raisa, i am amazed every day that we are still here, and we are able to take part in the creation of something so socially unique. We are the spark that lights the fire that ... !


Maija A.

I have a day job in the next town but on most days, I manage the packing of Farfalla products. I also buy some necessities for the Hub, and take care of the outdoors plants.

I joined Hub Feenix at the beginning and I'm very happy about the international community and the atmosphere, with volunteers, artists and guests.


Maija L.

My tasks vary a lot everyday but I’m mainly looking after the practical needs of our event organizers and volunteer workers. I also help in the kitchen, in the garden, with renovating, and I take care of our four legged furry members.

I think it's really unique and valuable how Hub Feenix gathers people together from all over the world - to equally and sincerely work, be and laugh together, and care for each other.



I do all kinds of jobs here, from helping organising the volunteers and keeping track of projects to general house maintenance and creative decorations. I also spend a lot of time in the wood workshop making all sorts of things needed around the place.

It's really nice to get to meet and work with all kinds of people from all over the world!



I’m a graphic artist and illustrator, and have my studio at Hub Feenix. I take care of the artists in residence, digital nomads and tenants’ agreements; and do all kinds of other things around the house.

For me Hub Feenix is the best possible place, because I know every day that something meaningful is being created here. It's a place for beauty, joy, clarity, life, trust, openness and learning. What could be better?



I do massage (Shiatsu and head massages) here, but also some accounting, graphic design, cooking and cleaning, among other various things.

I am happy to be part of the Hub Feenix team because I like working with others, and learning. This place offers the opportunity to get to know new people and try activities that are different and often surprising.



I mostly work with heating, water and electricity at Hub Feenix.

I love that this place is a huge playground, with endless possibilities to learn new things!



I’m an artist helping with all kinds of tasks like painting, kitchen duties, cleaning, guiding volunteers and residency artists, etc.

I love to sense and breathe something bigger than just my own living and life, and I can do that here. Plus, the hugeness of the building makes it always enjoyable to come back to.



I work closely with volunteers and manage much of the recycling.

I came to Hub Feenix in the fall of 2022 as a volunteer. I stayed for the abundant opportunities to grow and contribute, the nature, social life, and a general air of encouragement for an informed and grounded lifestyle.



All year long, people from all around the world are volunteering here, doing all types of jobs like building, painting, helping with everyday tasks, etc.

They usually love to participate in Hub Feenix’s projects, make new friends and learn new skills while creating lifelong precious memories in a friendly and inspiring environment!

Learn more on our Workaway page.



Our furry friends also are important members of this community: Lumi (Snow) and Tähti (Star), our two joyous sheep, and Valo, Nikke and Rico, the three horses.

They love the food and the space here, and to be taken care of and admired like kings and queens!

Would you like to join the hub?

For example right now we are looking for:

• a cook
• a car mechanic
• a marketer

These are not jobs in the traditional sense, but an exchange. Find out more information about these roles on the Living at Hub Feenix page.

Hub Feenix is a huge place with lots of different opportunities. If anything on this website resonates with you, do get in touch!