Hub Feenix


Hub Feenix is a dedicated space for creativity, bringing together a community of artists and makers.

Several floors of the building are reserved for art studios. Creatives from all art disciplines are welcome, and many art forms that require specialist machinery and tools overlap strongly with the makers movement and our Makerspace community. Find out more below about the spaces we have available or tell us what you need.

Sizes and kinds

We have a range of studio types and sizes available to suit every artist. This includes large and small rooms, with varying levels of light, as well as tiled wet rooms for wet artforms.

Prices do not include electricity or VAT. The use of common spaces is included in the quotes below.



Standard rooms are approximately 15m2. Most standard rooms have south-facing windows, providing artists with a lot of light – which may be a bad thing, depending on your type of art!

Price: 140€ / month + electricity



Large studio rooms are double the size of the standard, approximately 30m2. These studio rooms are also large enough to be shared. Similar to the standard rooms, these rooms have south-facing windows, bringing in a lot of light.

Price: 280€ / month + electricity

Non standard


Non-standard studios are smaller rooms, and some are connected to another room. Most of these spaces have north-facing windows.
If your artwork does not require a lot of space, or if you would prefer to have two small rooms rather than one larger one, please contact us to enquire.

Price: starting at 100€ / month + electricity

Wet space

Wet spaces

We have different-sized wet rooms available for creatives whose work requires them to get dirty.
These wet spaces are tiled all around and contain floor drains for easy clean-up.
The size of the wet rooms varies from 12 to 25m2.

Price: from 150€ to 200€ / month, depending on the size


The studios offer a unique environment, both in terms of fellow beings and surrounding spaces.

Common spaces

Common spaces

Each floor of Hub Feenix has its own large common space. Additionally, there are many public spaces to enjoy and explore, such as our café, terraces, co-working area and Makerspace facilities.

En suite studio

En suite and fold-out bedframes

Some studio rooms have bathrooms attached, which may also be shared with another room. There is also the option to include a fold-out bed in your studio, making your creative space like a home away from home.

Studio kitchen

Shared kitchen, own sink

A common kitchen is included on every floor. This is especially useful for artists who acquire a fold-out bed to stay overnight. Almost all studio rooms contain a personal sink, meaning you can clean or make tea in peace.

The deal

Hub Feenix is not just about renting space; we are looking to build a community of active, participating creatives. If you would like to be part of this community, express your interest via the form below.

Check out the Makerspace facilities page as well.