Hub Feenix



The makers movement is transforming consumers into creaters. By sharing otherwise expensive tools, it allows everyone to start exploring and producing through otherwise inaccessible means.
In Finland this builds on the traditional adult education and expands it into new technologies like electronics and 3d printing.
We start with traditional tools that we know and have, like woodworking, sowing, and metalworking. And we will expand into electronics and 3d technologies as funding starts coming. (See wish-list below if you want to help)

Different workshops

Sharing machines and experiences

Some of the machines, but all of the spaces described here exists. Also courses for all the activities will be part of a shared future, and if you have something to contribute (or teach) contact us.
If you want to use any of the facilities, see below.



Printing, scanning and planning

We have 2 3d printers, one small, on large, to allow everyone to try to bring their imagination to the physical world.
Additionally to hard and soft plastics, 3d printers can be used to print aluminium and carbon fibre to produce usable machine parts.
Computers and software for designing are available.



Express your style

The thrid floor makerspace already has some sowing machines and will get more. We are sourcing industrial sawing and embroidering machines so no project is too big (or small). The large rooms is set up for a shared working environment, enabling knowledge to be shared easily.
Private lockers make it easy to interrupt and return to your project in your own time.


Metal workshop and garage

Useful and practical

The building has a garage workshop and we will move our metal workshop there. There is a saw, drills, different welders (gas, stick, mig) and wrenches to allow members to build the robot of their dreams, or fix their car.
Smaller side rooms allow for private and more detailed work, and we are looking to get a lathe, possibly also a cnc machine.



Wizz wizz wizz

This is in the third floor, set up as a basic electronics workshop.
Currently we only have a soldering iron and a lab power source, but we are hoping to buy oscilloscopes and other measuring equipment that will allow members to do everything from a small LED project to arduino or raspberry pi based robots.



Sculptured or turned

Hub Feenix is looking to buy a clay oven, and set aside one or two wet spaces for clay work. Both free form sculpturing and table turning facilities will be available for hobbyists to try their hand at clay.



We have a full woodworking workshop, we just need to move the machines to Hub Feenix.

We will make this available to trained members on an hourly basis much like nikkariverstas in Espoo.

The workshop will have all large machines (as in the picture) and a separate hand tool for smaller projects.


If you want to use any of the facilities or machines listed above, you need to be a member of the coop. This requires a small fee and a certain amount of participation in general tasks.

Additionally some machines will require skill to operate, and you need to prove that you are able, possibly participate in training.

​Consumables, like wood, thread, clay, electronic parts, cost but many basic ones are made available at cost price by the coop.

​Currently many of the facilities are still being built up, but if you want to participate already, or be notified when a certain facility is ready, fill the form below.

If you want to stay informed about planned meetings, courses and happening, join the Makers forum here.