Hub Feenix


Learning through doing

A makerspace gives everyone the possibilities to create with many different materials. It is the modern day library, where we don't each have to own, but share the equipment.
In Finland, this builds on the traditional adult education and expands it into new technologies like electronics and 3D printing.

We have started with traditional tools that we know and have, for woodworking, sewing, and metalworking. And expanded into electronics and 3D technologies, with more tools coming all the time.

Currently a unified space is under construction and part of the tools are distributed throughout the house. But a lot exists already.


Woodworking and saw

We have a full woodworking workshop, everything from hand tools to a small sawmill.

The space is around 300m2 and the outside area is about 3000. We have a big table saw, both planers, chops saws and hand tools to do just about every project.

With the wood-mizer sawmill we make beams and boards. And since we have enough space, we can dry some of that inside. Also we are building a tiny-house and other structures for the hub.


Metal workshop and garage

A full-equipped garage workshop is open for use, including a metal workshop. There is a saw, drills, different welders (gas, stick, tig) and wrenches to build the robot of your dreams, or fix a car (there is a car lift).

We also have a metal lathe and milling machine, but they are not set up yet.



We have three 3D printers (one small, one medium and one large) to allow everyone to bring their imagination to life.

We have converted all printers to Klipper software, for easy use, but powerful features.

Computers and design software are also available for use.



An electronics workshop with basic tools such as a soldering iron and a lab power source can be found on the third floor. We soon hope to buy oscilloscopes and other measuring equipment that
will allow members to do everything from a small LED project to Arduino or raspberry pi-based robots.


Audio & Video Studio

Our audio studio will please everyone that wants to record and edit.

The all round sound-proofing, Rode microphone and Genelec speakers, make voice recording like podcasts or voice-over sound very professional. While the computer with Davinci Resolve (up 4k), terabytes of storage and Rec.709 broadcast standard monitors make video and audio editing a breeze.



The fourth-floor makerspace has several sewing machines, with more to come: perfect to express your style! We are sourcing industrial sewing and embroidering machines, so no project is too big (or small). The spacious workshop is set up as an open working environment to encourage the sharing of knowledge and ideas.

Private lockers make it easy for you to stop, start and store your project in your own time.



Hand building and throwing facilities are available for hobbyists to try their hand at clay.

The ceramic kiln and potterĀ“s wheel are in two wet spaces currently on the fourth-floor.


If you would like to use any of the facilities or machines in our makerspace, you will need to participate in general tasks.

Consumables, such as wood, thread, clay and electronic parts have an additional cost. Many basic materials, however, are made available at cost price by the Hub.

Additionally, some machines require certain levels of skill and experience to operate. You may be required to demonstrate your machine-use skills before use, or participate in training.

If you want to come and have a look at the facilities, or find out more information, you can fill out the contact form below and we will get back to you.