Come to learn, enjoy your stay

Hub Feenix is a beautiful place, ideally situated in the country, but close to Helsinki. We have different sized studios and spaces, to organise retreats for groups from 10, up to 100 people.

Different levels of accommodation and our cafe and great vegan food make your stay enjoyable also outside the course program.


For different size groups and needs

The Hall

40 - 120

Our beautiful hall, one of the largest in the area, is 8 x 20m and can accommodate 50 yogi, 80 dancers, or 120 listeners. We have a professional audio system for dancing and of course chairs for meetings.

Mandala room

30 - 60

The Mandala room, in the fifth floor, is a slightly asymmetrical 100m2. With it's great views and light atmosphere it is especially suited for yoga (30) and mediation (60). It also has a private eating area and staircase.

Sky conference

35 - 80

Also in the fifth floor with great views is the sky conference room. It sits 35 people as shown and up to 80 in a theatre arrangement.

There is a smaller semi attached break room and two more break-out rooms next to it.

Great for meetings of any sort.

joogasali 1.jpg

Lotus room

15 - 30

Downstairs, next to the café, the spacious lotus room is especially good for day events. 20 Yogi or dancers fit easily into the 70m2 and for group work 30 is still good.

Can be rented on hourly basis.

Earth room

10 - 25

On the ground floor (with a clay plastered wall)

the earth room is great for groups wanting privacy. It's 50m2, with accommodation on the same floor, sits up to 25 people either with or without tables.

The Loft

8 - 15

For smaller groups, we have many 40 m2 rooms, depending on the needs. Dancing, yoga, theatre practise, group work.
The room shown is especially cosy (a roof extension), and accommodates about 12 yogi
or 15 sitting. Also available per hour.



We have three wings set aside to accommodate retreat participants. Each wing can accommodate up to 32 people, and spare beds (and rooms) are available.



Suites are single occupancy and have en-suite toilet and shower.


Shared room

Shared rooms have double occupancy but their own bathroom with toilet and shower.


Common room

Common rooms have either two or four beds and shared facilities. Rooms with two beds will often share the bathroom with another room. Some rooms have shared facilities on the corridor.

Common services for retreats

Relax outside the course program

Start planning now

We create custom packages for your specific needs. Just tell us what you are planning, for how many people and we will create a solution for you.

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Common spaces

Enjoy the free time in between learning. Several common spaces, like in the picture, terraces and the cafe make a relaxed atmosphere.

Great food

Healthy plant-based food keeps you going between session. The dining hall is conveniently situated next to the hall, so smaller breaks don't stop your flow.


Nature around

Enjoy your spare time by walking around in the surrounding forest. Or (in the summer) go swimming in the nearby lake.