Hub Feenix
istuinryhmä 2c


We have different kinds of cozy accommodation options depending on the size and needs of your group.
We can accommodate groups between 10 - 120 people.

The rooms are divided between 3 wings, providing privacy and quietness for everyone.
Each accommodation wing has its own common space and kitchen or kitchen corner for making tea and having snacks.

All the spaces and rooms are decorated in a harmonious, beautiful style that supports wellbeing and a relaxing atmosphere.

The basic package includes accommodation in a shared (2-people) room. The shower and toilet are either shared with a neighbouring room or are situated close-by in the corridor. We also have a few
larger rooms that fit up to 5 people.

At an additional cost, there are also basic single rooms (1 person) available, and suites for 1-3 people with a private toilet and shower.






Basic rooms

2b 3

4 hh

2b 5

2a 1