Hub Feenix

Hub Feenix

Space for the new - A chance to renew
Joy of life open for everyone

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Love of life is behind the founding of Hub Feenix and all its activities.
Stillness is the foundation for all that is new, fresh and true.
Real joy of life comes from
clarity, honesty and
having a greater purpose: to serve life.

Nature around


Inner gratitude and appreciation is the base of everything.
Nature is a mirror of what we all really are inside: natural beings.
Self-knowledge is a continuous, honest self-encounter, which enables renewal and inner change.
Continuous learning is daring to accept one's own incompleteness and to be open to try something new.
Courage is to trust in life and to be responsible for oneself and one's own life.



Practicing presence makes it possible to be awake and become truly alive.
Practicality in spirituality is action when it is needed rather than talking about spiritual issues.
In Hub Feenix, non-violence is observed in both actions and words.
Everyone has the right to feel safe at Hub Feenix. We respect everyone's physical and mental space. Any kind of physical interaction always requires the consent of both parties.
We are practicing and learning the skill of taking and giving feedback, as well as communicating directly without anger or manipulation.
Taking care of the premises and property of Hub Feenix is everyone’s responsibility.
Giving and joy of doing make things happen!