Hub Feenix

Hub Feenix Talli / Hub Feenix Stable

Welcome to enjoy the beauty of nature in the company of our friendly horses!
Tervetuloa nauttimaan luonnonrauhasta ystävällisten hevostemme seurassa!

ladies riding vaaleampi crop

Riding treks all year round

Hub Feenix Talli / Stable is an easy going small horse stable in the arm pit of the Hub Feenix wellness and art centre. We organize riding treks all year round. All age and all level riders are most welcome, also people with special needs. Whether you've never been on a horse back before or have just a little bit of experience, or if you're an experienced rider enjoying faster speed, in our small 1-3 rider groups we can listen everyone's preferences individually.

Tacking up

Learning horsemanship skills

If you're not used to being with horses or feel scared of them, you'll get personal guidance through all the steps, from brushing to tacking up and riding. If you like, you can have someone walking next to you and leading the horse from the ground as you're riding. It's also possible to book lessons just for handling horses and learning how to be with them in peace, without riding.
“Being with horses is simple, if our goal is to promote a calm and quiet state of mind when we are together, and through all the tasks we ask of them.” (Horse trainer Crissi McDonald)

horses& sheep winter

Wellbeing of our horses

We see horses as our companions, and we treat them in a respectful and gentle manner. They get to live their lives as naturally and free as possible. They live together in a heard and create strong friendships among each other, they can choose if they want to be in or outside, they have a big space to move around and an access to hay 24/7.

Our Crew

At the moment our heard consists of 3 horses and 2 sheep -all kind and friendly but with strong personalities... come and get to know them!

Nikke crop 2


Warmblood trotter
Born 2000

Valon pää


Fjord horse
Born 2005



Warmblood trotter
Born 2009


Lumi & Tähti

Special mix breed
Born 2021

Maija & horses crop


SRL certified horse-hobby instructor, looking forward to seeing you at the stables!



Bunch of our lovely international volunteers helping out with the stable keeping!

Prices and booking info

Prices for rides

0,5h 25€
1h 35€
1,5h 45€
2h 55€

(Weekly riders get 5€ off the prices from 1h and longer rides)

On top of this we are always grooming the horses together, so you should reserve some extra time for that.

For more info and bookings / Lisätiedot ja varaukset:
Tel. +358 (0)50 3453477 / Maija